About Us – Orcite USA

"Make special memories with your children.”

Orcitè has been manufacturing only the best sleepwear for the last 40 years. Thanks to its world-class quality and excellent design, we are highly rated as a sleepwear brand. Orcitè is an excellent choice for families because of its long-standing brand recognition and fine craftsmanship dedicated for sleepwear only.

Exclusive Design

Whatever you are looking for, Orcitè has everything you need to complete your children’s sleepwear collection. Fun prints and a variety of pajamas choose from.

High-Quality Fabric

Made from high-quality premium fabric and stitching for enhanced durability. Every product boasts a soft and comfortable fit for everyone.

Expert Brand

Professionally making pajamas since, 1980. Orcitè is a world-class and leading company in sleepwear that has over 40 stores all around the world.

So we wear Orcite

To us, family means lying on the bed, putting your arms around each other and being there in pajamas. Family is not an important thing, it's everything.
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